knsaurora69 (knsaurora69) wrote in parentsinsc,

Scavenger Hunt

I am having a scavenger hunt on my website The first 5 people to email me the correct answers to all 10 questions will receive a $5 gift card to redeem on my site. Here are the questions:

1. Who were the winnrs of my coloring contest?

2. What marks the Noah's Ark promise?

3. How much is Bamboozle Panda?

4. What color is the Football 2 outfit?

5. What are the 4 Bella Bee lessons?

6. What are the prices of Gift Cards?

7. How much is the starter kit for new members?

8. What information did you have to give to join the free Birthday Club?

9. Where can Mojo Monkey appear?

10. What year did Noah's Ark Start?

Good luck.... my email is
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